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Some of our creations in the wild.

Nature Made

Website Design

Genqeor Wood

Website Design / UI / Texture


KIOSK Interactive Interface

B.B. Mercy

Website Design


Product Icons

UMTech Inc.

Website Design

Master & Frank

KIOSK / 3D Animation

OEC Group

Website Design


Website Design


Key Visual / Poster / UI

Lof Solar

Catelog & Poster/DM


UI Interface / Animation


Attentive, Intuitive, Active

theMorph is here to make your work right. Started out as a solo award winning design studio in 2002, we have now expanded into a team specialising in a broad spectrum: website design, CIS design, print layout, interactive, interface design, product concept design and much more.

Based in Taipei, Taiwan, our current clients stretch from Taiwan to Shanghai, Xiamen and Beijing, including industries in food, education, banking and industry manufacture companies. Our goal has never changed: Unique and Creative with a personal twist!

Website Design

UI / UX Design

Branding / CIS

Graphic Design

Interactive Design


11F-4, No 126, Sec 3, Roosevelt Rd.
Taipei, TAIWAN
+886 2-2230-4701
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How the Animation Works ?

The 6-frame animation is achieved by the principle of “persistence of vision”, first create a scrambled image by combining 6 stripped down image, by applying a striped overlay on top, the scrambled image will come to life when the striped overlay moves.

Slowly drag the striped overlay onto the image.